WBN 40: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I did that thing last week where you have a week off work to relax, but you pack it chock full with exciting things to do and new places to go to and you wind up feeling completely exhausted and run down by the time it gets to Sunday night. As a result, I didn’t quite feel up to The Wasp Factory, which I’d planned to read next, so instead I picked up this old favourite, a quick easy read with minimal challenge to the old grey matter.

This novel represents an idea of what Heaven could be like. Eddie, the aging mechanic at a fairground, dies suddenly in an attempt to save a young girl about to be crushed. We follow him in his journey after death as he meets 5 characters from his life. Some of them he knows well and others he barely remembers, but each of them will give him a message or some information that will give his life meaning and bring him to peace.

It’s a lovely story and I can see why it’s in the top 100. As well as being nicely written it’s really heart warming and comforting and gentle and reassuring. Prepare to spend hours afterwards wondering who your five people would be, and whether you’ve even met them yet!


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