WBN 74: The Picture of Dorian Gray

I know shockingly little about Oscar Wilde, actually. I know it’s really cool to be able to quote him left right and centre and tell amusing anecdotes about the awesomely cool things he did, but I can’t do that.

Whenever I read Dorian Gray, though, I imagine that Lord Henry Wotton is just what Wilde is like. He’s funny, sharp, and full of endless, meaningless witticisms that amuse all in sight. (Or maybe that’s just what Oscar Wilde wishes he was like? Read this amusing blog post to see what I mean by that.)

Anyway, I suppose in part Dorian Gray always makes me feel like a pretty dull person. If I had a portrait that changed instead of me, I don’t really know that I’d live all that differently. I’d just use less moisturiser and stop worrying about taking my make up off all the time. Rock and roll, right? Quite why Dorian thinks he must take to drugs and affairs and murders is quite beyond me.

What would you do, given the chance?


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