WBN 72: Frankenstein

This was the first book for this challenge that I read on my shiny new Kindle! Unfortunately I can’t say I found it to be the best experience, and I was a bit put off using it after that. I have used it since, though, and decided it was the book and not the medium that I struggled with.

Although my admiration of and fascination with Mary Shelley is endless, especially since I saw a fantastic play based upon her life recently, Frankenstein just doesn’t really do it for me. It’s one of those books that hundreds of people love, but personally it sticks in my throat. You can probably tell that, though, by the fact that it’s only just over 200 pages and it took me 5 days to read, which is pitiful!

On a technical level I can appreciate a lot about the story. It was an outstanding achievement for a woman in her late teens, and shows the promise of an incredible literary talent. She was remarkably well travelled and worldly wise for her age and her time, and I’ve always got time for a woman who beats up on gender stereotypes. On the other hand though, the story just doesn’t have a spark for me. I don’t care about any of the characters, and the device of a man telling the story to another man, who is telling it to his sister feels clunky.

I know I was never likely to love every single one of these hundred books, but I always feel disappointed when I come up against one that I thought I’d like. It leaves me feeling a bit down, like I’m wasting my time and the rules are too rigid and I could be reading all the amazing new releases I’m hearing so much about and what’s the point? ARGH! But then, inevitably, I soon come across something wonderful that I never dreamed of reading in my life, and it all feels okay again.


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