WBN 29: Room

Room is a beautiful Booker-nominated book narrated by a boy called Jack, who is five, and who was born in captivity. His mother was kidnapped before he was born, and kept in a steel lined garden shed where she is repeatedly raped by her captor. In order to protect him, Jack’s mother raises him to believe that only what is inside their windowless shed – which he calls Room – is real, and everything he sees on their tiny TV is just pretend.

I could just write, READ IT, and be done here, but I suppose that would be a rather shameful effort at a blog. So I’ll tell you why you should read it:

1. It will make you cry, like a little child, and that’s so therapeutic

2. It will make you think about how humans behave, and what we do because we want to, and what we do because we’re socialised that way

3. You will love the characters, like they are members of your own family, and it will almost hurt to close the book when it’s finished…

4. …Except, you’ll be feeling completely uplifted by the story, and you won’t stop thinking about it for days and says.

5. When you’re done, you can call me, and we can talk about it, because you’ll need to get your feelings out. But only if you know me already, else, that’s weird.


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