Into the stacks

Check out these cool pictures over on Flavorwire! I’ve been so distracted lusting over pictures of intricate bookshelves that cost hundreds of pounds and would never fit into my two bed flat that it never occurred to me that stacks of books could look just as good.

Image from Cool Hunting

This face looks so cool, and as the clumsiest person in the world I can’t imagine ever being able to balance these in place without some sort of horrific disaster! Meanwhile I love, love, love this invisible bookshelf, and it has the benefit of being one of the more practical options – you can actually choose to read one of the books without bringing the whole thing down on top of you!

Finally, a storage method that I regularly used when I lived in a house with stairs. Not because I thought it looked good, but because it was a useful place to put things that needed taking upstairs. Except, they never quite made it…!

At the moment, here’s how I store my books. Both six foot tall shelves are almost full, with a great deal of double stacking – it might be almost time to earmark some space for some cool stacks!

Instagrammed, of course


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  1. Timber is a cheap and versatile way of holding up and together, our books. Just need imagination sometimes. Thanks for the post.

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