World Book Night 2013: Your Chance to get Involved!

Those of you who, like me, were givers at World Book Night 2012 will have received a pretty exciting email from World Book Night this week! First of all, there was the announcement that voting is open on the books that people want to give in 2013. As before, you can vote for your top ten books, which are then contributed to an ever changing top 100. You can see the top 100 here; after giving it a couple of cursory once overs, and bearing in mind that it’s early days when it comes to voting, I would say about three quarters of the list is the usual suspects that have featured in the last couple of years, while the rest are new. Recent hits that have made the cut so far include Before I Go To Sleep (which I read, and thought a bit average), A Game of Thrones (which I really must get round to) and Fifty Shades of Grey (which I will never, ever read!). This last would usually irk me – it’s such a flash in the pan – but I can’t imagine there’s any way it could be picked as a book to give, so I’m letting it slide. If you haven’t voted, then go ahead!

The other interesting news from the WBN team is that this year they’re looking for two 2012 givers to be members of the committee that chooses the books to be given. [Aside: just had a small dispute with mr. isobelreads about the word committee. I’m pronouncing the ending like tea, he’s pronouncing it like the ë in Brontë…who’s right?] The process of choosing the books fascinates me, so I’m definitely giving some serious thought to applying. Purely the opportunity to meet the WBN team and some of the faces of the publishing world makes this worth it, but what grabs me is being able to pick up the book list and say, Look! This one was my idea! to my nerdy book friends, my gran, and strangers in the queue at the post office. If you’re interested, and you were a 2012 giver, then dig out your email and check the fine print.

So, you guys: any thoughts on the WBN top 100 as it stands? Will you be applying for a place on that committee/ë? Or do you hate World Book Night and all that it stands for? Speak up…


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