WBN 86: Stardust

Two Neil Gaiman books down, three to go! Stardust was a great book to power through and I read it over two consecutive days. There aren’t many books like that left now so I’m trying to save them up! Stardust is definitely more of a full on fantasy book than Neverwhere; it lacks the splashes of cold, grey, London that make that book more relatable. The flipside of that, though, is that it leaves Stardust free to float straight up, firmly into fantasy land, light as a feather, fun and frothy and fabulous.

One of the things I firmly lack in pretty much any capacity is an imagination. Stardust left me insanely jealous of Gaiman, and his mind that must leap from idea to idea to outlandish idea. A fallen star that turns out to be not a lump of rock but a petulant young woman; a candle that lets you travel miles with a single step; a woman held captive in the shape of a bird; a trio of witch sisters that age hideously unless they feast on the heart of a happy star. The story took me on a trail through a series of fantastic locations, each more imaginative and unreal, yet I was completely invested in the story the whole time. I’m already looking forward to my next Gaiman instalment…


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