WBN 27: The Lovely Bones

Excuse me while I have a little meltdown here, because… when I finished The Lovely Bones I officially reached the halfway point! I thought this day would never come! Since reading this I’ve read about another ten books, but it’s taken me a good few months. World Book Night has been and gone, and my personal aim of finishing the list within a year is looking more and more unlikely. At the moment my reading is pretty sporadic, and I rarely read more than 50 pages a day. Although I’m enjoying ambling along, reading what, when and why I choose, I do feel like a touch more regimentation and discipline wouldn’t go amiss.

Among many others, one of the reasons that I started this challenge was that I wanted to start reading more critically. I have always had a tendency to read very fast, which means I can devour a book in a day, if I want to. Unfortunately, it also means that six months later, everything but the most basic plotline tends to elude me. Booooo. I’m really enjoying re-reading those books that were lurking in the murky quarters of my mind, which I now feel are more cemented into my memory. Some of them have done complete u-turns for me, and gone from being breeze blocks of books that I never wanted to read again to firm favourites that opened a whole new world for me.

Meanwhile I’ve read classics that I wanted to love but found turgid, discovered incredible gems that I would never have ordinarily read, and found on opening others that they defy any and all expectations that I had regarding their content or style.

In short, I’m having a total blast and at this point, don’t care whether the challenge takes me ten years. And, The Lovely Bones is pretty good – readable, emotional and tense in all the right places – but don’t watch the film, which is horrific, mawkish and a bit dull.


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