WBN 61: Night Watch

Having read and loved the first ten or so Discworld novels, all hilarious, inventive and readable to the point of addiction, I was really looking forward to Night Watch. Unfortunately it seems that the Discworld seems to have moved on quite a lot since my last visit! This book is the sixth in the City Watch series, of which I have read none, and so it’s littered with obscure references and in-jokes that I completely missed out on. There were also characters that I was clearly meant to know and love, of whom I knew nothing.

The main plotline in the book is that Sam Vimes, Commander of the Night Watch, is flung backward in time in a freak accident, where he meets his younger self and previous colleagues. He has to live through many of the events of his early days in the force again, but soon finds that events don’t always run true the second time around. The plot itself gripped me, but due to the nature of the series, little time was spent on character development, so I didn’t care too much about the people involved. There were tons of little events and conversations that happened in the past that were clearly meant to compare or contrast hilariously with the future counterparts of the people involved, but they lacked significance to me.

Regardless, though, the book was still riddled with comic characters, and hilarious one-liners, and I didn’t struggle to get through it. This doesn’t stand alone as well as some series instalments can, but I’m sure fans of the Discworld absolutely loved it.


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