Waterstones Haul, or Celebrating Payday

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When I need retail therapy, I don’t go to Topshop or Harvey Nicks, I get myself to a bookshop. The bigger, the better, and the Leeds branch of Waterstones is perfect! I had a voucher for £5 off so I thought: sod it, I’ll go wild, and spent £42.

Antoine Laurain, The President’s Hat
I bought this after BookElfLeeds tweeted that it was perfect if you loved Amelie. Which I do! I’m hoping this will be fun, light and readable, and I’m also hoping it brings back memories of one of my favourite cities, Paris. That’s just what I need with this grim weather we have just now!

Roger and Charlie Mortimer, Dear Lupin
I grabbed this on a bit of a whim. There were tables of it everywhere, with little recommendation notes, and I needed something to partner a buy one, get one half price deal!

Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now and Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak
I bought these because I recently read and loved The Hunger Games, and had a hankering for some more YA fiction. This post at Aerogramme drew my attention to these two both featuring strong young girls, a massive pro for me.

Mohsin Hamid, How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia
I couldn’t resist picking this up, even though I generally don’t buy too many hardbacks (for storage as well as price reasons!) because I absolutely loved The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and have been meaning to read more of his. I’ve realised that I’ve enjoyed a lot of books by Indian and Asian authors of late, so I’m now making a conscious effort to explore more of them.

I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into these over the next week!



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