Leeds Loves Food

As it was such a gorgeous day yesterday, instead of doing all the admin type stuff I was supposed to be doing (post office, paying in a cheque, shopping for 80s clothes) I spent about three hours exploring the incredible amazing smorgasbord that is the Leeds Loves Food festival. It was a gorgeous day for it and it looks like today and tomorrow will be just as glorious. You should definitely get down there to take a look as there really is something for everyone.

There are three main types of stall: those from local restaurants where you can try out their dishes at a fraction of the price (my picks are Thai Edge and Sukhothai, but see also Casa Mia, Smokestack); traditional street food vendors including Fish&, El Kantina, Diamond Dogs and Lulabelle’s; and then local producers such as The Chilli Jam Man, Heck Foods and Swillington Farm.

It was so hard to choose what to have but in the end I went with chicken satay and rice from Thai Edge. The stall and the employees were so full of energy and fun and the food was amazing! The satay was tender with a creamy peanut sauce and the rice perfectly cooked. Then, since the sun was shining and it felt rude not to, I visited both Revolution and the amazing stall by Hendricks Gin for cocktails. The raspberry and basil mojito from Revolution was really fruity and refreshing, and Hendricks made a frozen bramble which was so tangy and delicious! (I decided to give their hot punch a miss!)

If you get an hour or five free this weekend, then do get down to Millenium Square and Victoria Gardens: it’s definitely worth doing battle with the crowds!

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3 responses to “Leeds Loves Food

  1. It’s probably unlikely you’ll ever be in Nottingham at the exact right time, (first Wednesday of the month) but if you are, I think you would love the Sutton Bonington Farmer’s market. It won an award from the BBC. The food is expensive but amazing.

  2. Mic T.

    Looking forward to going tomorrow even more now! Thanks for a great article! 🙂

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