Three Good Things

There’s a lot to be said for a good dose of healthy optimism. For stopping, looking around and giving thanks. For biting your tongue when you want to moan or criticise, and saying something nice instead.

I am lucky to know people who are much better at these things than I am! Back in 2011 I followed Tessa’s blog with interest as she celebrated a year of gratitude, taking time every day to name the things, big and small, that she was grateful for. Over the last few months, @WoodsieGirl, who I follow on Twitter, has been starting every Monday with 5 cheerful thoughts or pictures, using the hashtag #mondaycheer. It’s been spreading to others in my timeline which is great, and if I miss it on a Monday I always go looking for it later.

Now Liz at Margot and Barbara has started a regular series called Three Good Things, where once a week she shares three good things from her life. It’s a gorgeous idea; I love how mindful and positive it is.

Check out her post here.

When I first decided to share my own three things, I really struggled to come up with three. Which just goes to show, of course, how much I need to do this! Clearly I am taking too much for granted!

1. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson


This is the book I’m reading at the moment and I’m absolutely flying through it! It’s a good doorstop of a book that’s funny and horrifying and moving all at once.

2. The weather, and good friends to share it with

photo (28)

Last week my work schedule was quite hectic, and I found myself feeling a bit tired and tightly wound. On Friday afternoon my friend Lauren suggested sitting on some grass near Kirkstall Abbey and relaxing with drinks and snacks, and it was perfect! Not only did I discover passionfruit Rekorderlig, now my official drink of the summer, but we had a lovely catchup and a good gossip with the sun on our backs and a bag of cookies between us.

3. My house plant


I don’t know what it’s called or what care it needs but what I do know is that it’s just flowered! Three lovely flowers when my mum’s just has one, despite being twice the size! I’ve never had any garden success before, really, so I’m going to chalk this up as a massive achievement, of which I actually feel really proud!

Share your own three things on your blog, or in the comments on Liz’s post.

Update: Plenty of other bloggers have taken this challenge up too!

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5 responses to “Three Good Things

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  2. gillian

    nice idea! and your plant is a peace lily.

  3. Love this post! Thank you for linking up, and I’m in awe of your peace lily. Never been able to get mine to flower!

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