Tweet 4 A Table

***Free food alert***

It’s a massive cliché but it’s true: food tastes better when it’s free. Also if you didn’t have to cook it yourself.

Tweet 4 A Table is a double whammy in this respect. It’s a popup restaurant on Briggate brought to us by the cooperative who are, as we all know, ‘gyud with fyud’. They’re giving away free meals to just about anyone who tweets them, but there’s only one day left: today! Friday, 19th July! Check their twitter account for the details and get in touch with them if you want to be in with a chance for some free fodder.

My dinner date Bethan and I went down yesterday to try it out and we weren’t disappointed!

The restaurant itself feels a bit weird, the low ceilings and all white surroundings made me feel a bit like I was on a boat, but the hot weather and Ibiza chillout soundtrack made me feel like I was on a Spanish holiday! Perhaps that is how a Med cruise feels, I don’t know?!

The service is fantastic, though, the staff are all really nice and friendly, not to mention incredibly good looking, and we felt very well looked after! As we are both waitresses we know how hard it is to rush round wearing uniforms being nice to people all day so we made sure to leave a generous tip which was really appreciated by the staff, who thanked us very nicely.

If you go during the lunch serving, you’ll get an antipasto platter that looks incredible. We went for dinner (albeit a rather early dinner at 4.15pm) and were offered a menu with a choice of salmon fishcakes, a beetroot and squash salad, or burgers with a variety of fillings.

I chose the Plain Jane burger to eat, which was accompanied by a bucket of skinny fries and coleslaw. The burger was great, really juicy with a generous slathering of mayo, and served in a soft white bread roll.

Bethan went with the fishcakes, again served with fries but also with a salad of green leaves topped generously with fried Parma ham and regato cheese. This looked amazing, the centre of the fishcake oozed out cheese and bechamel sauce, and it tasted really creamy. Very different to some of the dry, sparse fishcakes I’ve had in the past!

If you fancy having your lunch or dinner made for you today, then eating it in an al fresco environment watching the world go by, just tweet 4 a table, quick! If not, the coop are also handing out free samples and vouchers all day including pizza and stuffed peppadew peppers, so take a stroll down Briggate on your lunch break.

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  1. That food looks amazing! So jealous!

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