The Big Knit 2013

This afternoon, my plans were disrupted.

I had hoped to catch up with the month of TV I missed during my incredibly busy August, but a power cut put paid to that. My phone battery was low, my laptop battery flat and my iPad in a bowl of rice – yes, because it’s wet inside – so it became obvious I needed some non-electronic entertainment!

I whipped out my knitting, of course. I’m not much of a knitter, really, I find it hard to see one scarf or whatever through to completion and can’t get beyond the basics stitch-wise, but recently I’ve found the perfect project. It’s little hats for this innocent smoothie campaign, the Big Knit.

The idea is that people knit tiny hats to go on smoothie bottles, raising awareness for Age UK. For every smoothie bottle sold with a hat on, innocent donate 25p to Age UK, helping them to keep winter a bit warmer for the elderly this year. Over the last decade, the campaign has raised over £1 million.

Age UK in Leeds want to collect 3800 of these hats, so I decided to do my best to help them towards this goal. I do get a bit bored with knitting, but these hats are absolutely perfect because even a slow knitter like me can finish one, complete with bobble, in an hour and feel proud that I’ve actually made something, and that it’s useful for something! Here’s a link to Age UK Leeds’ information about the hats, and they give some knitting patterns too. There are some tricky ones but I used the very basic one and didn’t have any trouble following at all, even as a bit of a beginner. All you need is knitting needles, wool scissors and a darning needle.

You can buy the bobbles to go on top, but I found this really handy YouTube tutorial that helps you make your own using just wool, a fork and scissors – it takes a couple of minutes and is super easy.

Although I haven’t managed to make many hats – I’m seeing it as a warm up for next year – and I’m not under any illusions about the quality of my knitting, I feel great that I’ve completed a few and that they’re for a good cause. If you’re any good with the needles, or if you just want to have a go at making one, remember that every little helps and get your efforts to Age UK Leeds by 20th September at the absolute latest.

Just a quick update to say: once you’ve knitted your hats, you can post them to innocent or leave them at any Age UK charity shop. If you do this, the money goes to Age UK’s national pot. Or, you can drop them in at Age UK Leeds or the Arch cafe, in the Bradbury building, Mark Lane (round the back of Sainsbury’s on the Headrow, to the right of the entrance to the St John’s centre), where they will be sent off by Age UK Leeds and the money will go directly to helping people in Leeds.

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2 responses to “The Big Knit 2013

  1. Dani Waggett

    love the idea of the big knit, cant wait to get started doing it myself. I’m glad i wont be the only sort of beginner doing this.

  2. Love that other beginners are doing this.
    I’m trying to complete the crochet owl just struggling with making it up.

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