Three Good Things 2

For the last few weeks I’ve felt too busy, too stressed and too glum to write any three good things posts, which in retrospect is silly because it’s when we feel down that we need these the most! I’ve enjoyed reading  everyone else’s though – a little dose of positivity on a Wednesday morning brightens up that midweek slump.

Of course, Three Good Things was begun by Liz at Margot and Barbara.

1. Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred

photo (86)

It’s hard to describe Jillian as a ‘good thing’ when she’s so…mean. ‘If you feel like you’re dying….keep going!’ ‘You DO NOT get to take a break during this workout!’ But, this workout DVD has provided a timely reminder that despite my active job, my aerobic fitness could be better. The first workout level is available on YouTube if you want to give it a try. It’s a tough routine, but veterans of The Shred tell me it gets easier!

2. My cute ticket holder

 photo (85)

I got this for my birthday back in May and despite it being such a little thing it’s one of my favourite presents! The reason it’s being featured now is because after a few months of austerity, it’s finally holding tickets for shows and events that I’m really looking forward to! The Elton John tickets at the front are obviously pretty exciting because I get to use them tonight! Plus, this will be my first look inside the new Leeds Arena, and I’m dying to see whether it’s true that there’s no bad seat in the house. (I’m right in the back corner, so perfectly placed to test this theory!)

I’m also looking forward to seeing Northern Ballet’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, West Yorkshire Playhouse’s A Play, A Pie and A Pint, Phoenix Dance Theatre @ Home, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and Wicked! at Leeds Grand Theatre. Theatre and dance sustain me, they feed my wellbeing and balance my mind. I’m so excited to gorge on them over the coming months!

3. Family

This week I’m feeling proud of my little sister, a nurse who works incredibly hard and over the last few years has saved and saved and finally, after several  setbacks, bought her own house. We went down to her housewarming on Saturday, and as always a day spent with family relaxed and refreshed me. I feel so lucky to have an extended family who get on well and treat each other kindly and respectfully.

I didn’t take many pictures but I did get this cute little video of one of my cousins. This is Hannah, who’s one. I filmed her crawling because, let’s face it, crawling as a mode of transport is hilarious, but didn’t expect the big grin at the end. I can’t stop watching it!



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7 responses to “Three Good Things 2

  1. Love this post! I’m a 30 Day Shred fan too – it’s hard work, but it works. Jo (@_inmediares) and I especially like the ‘fear is leaving your body’ line she uses…make us laugh instead of weep!

    I want a ticket holder! Sadly, it would be ticket-less at the moment, apart from Leeds Beer Festival tickets (whoop for those!)

    Enjoy Elton!

  2. I have a major girl-crush on Jillian – she’s fabulous and a bit scary. Sadly, I bought the Shred and thought I was going to die, and so never did it again!

    • She’s amazing, isn’t she? The first time I tried the shred I had to stop halfway through because I felt sick and dizzy and that did put me off for several months! This time I’ve been taking a break after each 6 minute routine so that it feels more manageable!

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  5. I’ve bought 30-day shred and haven’t opened it yet. I’m scared.

    Fab Vine video btw – amazing grin! 🙂

    Ally x

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