British Musical Fireworks Championships, Southport

I’ve no bonfire to post about today, since I was stuck at work last night instead of out celebrating with the rest of Leeds. However I’ve been saving up a little post about fireworks…

Last month, I had a little trip across to Southport for the British Musical Fireworks Championships. Yes, that is as awesome as it sounds.

Each year seven companies put on a display of about fifteen minutes, set to music, over three nights of the weekend. For the last four years, Ant and I have attended the three Saturday night displays, after his mum and dad invited us along. Over the years our party has grown; now, both our families attend, and this year ten of us wrapped up warm for the festivities.

For me this year was the best yet, and we saw three genuinely creative, original displays. There’s just something about fireworks – not the screechy rockets or the deafening bangs, but the sparkly bursts and starry twirls – that makes me tingle, and the synchronisation to music really adds something to the experience. A couple of videos, to show you what I mean, but sincere apologies for the poor cinematography!


I didn’t get a video of it or even a particularly good photograph, but my favourite moment of the whole night was set to music from the Phantom of the Opera, and the creators of the display (Sirotechnics, who actually went on to win) designed a curtain made from fireworks, which opened to reveal the Phantom’s mask. Such a wow moment!

There can tend to be a bit of waiting around, but it’s getting more efficient every year, and there are food and drink stalls as well as a live band, this time.

Because of refurbishments in King’s Park, where the spectators usually watch the displays across the lake, the competition was moved to Victoria Park this year. This meant that instead of everyone being huddled up being passive aggressive about the limited personal space allowed for in King’s Park, we were all able to spread out a bit and enjoy things a bit more. I’m not sure whether this is a permanent change of venue, but I will say that I thought it made the whole experience more family friendly. It was less crowded, and there was space for families to be able to sit together and enjoy the view without constantly worrying. Under 5s are free and adult tickets are between £5 and £7 (more if you want to splash out on seated tickets) so it’s actually quite an affordable evening out – less than a cinema trip.

My photos are slightly better than my videos (thank goodness):

photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 (1) photo 4 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 1 (1)

In other news…

Have you seen this horrific listing for a haunted doll on ebay?

Chirpy Store in Chapel Allerton will now take your clean unwanted bras and pass them on to a charity that delivers underwear to women in developing countries.

The National Media Museum have written this cool blog about their BFI Mediatheque.

I’m loving this basic biscuit recipe from Rachel Allen which makes delicious cookie dough, and you can add just about anything to them for rich crumbly cookies. So far I’ve added raspberry jam and flaked almonds; next time I’m giving chocolate chips a whirl.


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