Three Good Things 3

My Three Good Things posts can only be described as painfully sporadic, but I love them as a way of sharing the happy in my life without seeming like I’m bragging too much. Sneaky, I know.

(Of course, Three Good Things was begun by Liz at Margot and Barbara.)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I know this is majorly retro, but over the last couple of months or so Ant and I have been devouring the whole Buffy boxset. I saw a lot of it back in the 90s, but this is my first time watching the whole thing from start to finish and I’m flipping LOVING it. Yeah, series 4 was a bit of a battle and series 1 has more bad episodes than good, but series 3 is a corker and we’re well into series 5 now, eagerly waiting for Riley to bore off and Glory to glam things up a bit.

2. Spring is here

photo 1 (12) photo 3 (11) photo 4 (10)

I know it’s technically been spring for a while, but the daffodils, sunshine and breezy days have all conspired to give me itchy feet. I want to start new projects, christen new notebooks and clean everything. Maybe the spring in the air is what’s helped us finally get started on the garden, and choose a colour to paint the bedroom, and encouraged me to change things up a bit at work. The spring pervades everything, and this year I’m not just embracing it but grabbing it with two hands and putting it to work.

3. My library

photo 2 (14)

By far my favourite Christmas gift this year was membership to The Leeds Library, a private library in the centre of town. I love swiping my card at the unobtrusive door next to Paperchase, I love climbing the stone spiral staircase, I love being surrounded by twenty foot high bookshelves, I love settling down in a quiet corner by a window and watching the world go by as I flick through a magazine or check my emails or read a great new book that I wouldn’t have splashed out on a hardback copy of and I love choosing a stack of books to take home and linger over. The picture above is the books I brought home on Friday, and I’ve spent a few selfish hours since then racing through them, so that I’ve almost finished the lot. Isn’t reading on a blanket in the garden one of the most luxurious things?

Well, I think so.




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3 responses to “Three Good Things 3

  1. Amy

    I love these posts 🙂 I’m re-watching Buffy at the moment as well and have just got to season 5! Season 2 & 3 are definitely the pinnacle of the show – I think I’m enjoying it even more now than I did in the 90s (although I’m not sure my parents should have let me watch it – it’s quite scary in parts and I was quite young!)

  2. I love all of your three good things! I’ve loved Buffy ever since I made my ex-mother in law tape every episode for me when i was away at college. Even though she sometimes taped the snooker instead…
    And I’m VERY jealous of your Leeds Library membership; I would love to join. I definitely think reading a book in the sunshine is total and utter luxury.

    Such a lovely post – I’ll link up with you on Wednesday x

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