Brunch at The Wardrobe

Brunch is absolutely hands down the best meal ever. Pancakes, french toast, bacon, syrup and all else that is good on a big sticky plate. Yum!

It seems to me like Leeds has been lacking a good, casual brunch spot. Breakfast is covered thanks to The Greedy Pig, and we’ve got countless good lunch venues, but brunch is either a formal affair or an afterthought.

Enter: The Soul Kitchen at The Wardrobe.

I found out about The Wardrobe’s new brunch menu via a blogger’s event, where we signed up for brunch without knowing what the venue would be – you might have seen some chat about this on the #brunchiscoming hashtag on Twitter. When I found out we were headed to The Wardrobe, I was a bit surprised. It’s a great bar but not particularly on my radar as a place to eat, and definitely not somewhere I’d think to go during the day.

After sampling the food though, that all changed!

We tried four dishes from the menu, which is based on traditional dishes, with twists inspired by Caribbean and Creole cooking. I had the lemon curd and mascarpone pancakes, which I could not fault in the slightest. The homemade lemon curd was creamy and tangy, perfect against the cool mascarpone. The four huge, fluffy pancakes held up their end with no problem, not too heavy but a crazy generous portion to overindulge in on a Sunday morning.

I also got a taste of the bacon and egg muffins – eggs baked in a bacon wrapper – that Ant ordered, which were hot and salty with soft, rich yolks, a little lighter as a meal but still filling and served with a slab of fresh bread. Alice had waffles, which we were all looking forward to seeing but which were sadly a bit of a disappointment. They were slightly overcooked and a bit dry, but otherwise tasty and had potential to be another great dish. Finally, between us we all sampled the French toast with maple syrup and banana, which was a bit mushy, texture-wise but really sweet and tasty and possibly the ideal hangover food.

Don’t forget to check out the shakes too! They’re pricey for the size but amazing. I tried the million dollar shake featuring salted caramel, chocolate and shortbread but there are a few options which all sounded delicious.

I’m looking forward to taking friends here when they visit – it’s the perfect place for a lazy Sunday morning after a big Saturday night!

This time, we ate for free but I can’t wait to get back there and will be happy to pay.

photo 1 (14) photo 1 (13) photo 3 (12) photo 3 (13) photo 2 (16) photo 4 (11) photo (87) photo 2 (15) photo 5 (9)

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This morning I’ve been giggling over this picture doing the rounds on Twitter. I do love eating somewhere a bit different but I also like rolling my eyes at a hipster cliche or a place that’s just too trendy for words.

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  1. I love brunch too – fave of the day. The Wardrobe’s offer looks really interesting 🙂

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