On driving home from work with the traffic lights against me

Sometimes I treat each red light as an invitation
to think about something uncomfortable like a decision I’ve been avoiding
or a socially awkward exchange at work
or the linear nature of time

Other times I speed up when I see a yellow light, and gasp across the line
at the last possible second
or maybe even a bit after that
because what if I got home at 1.08am?
or 1.09am?
when I could have made it by 1.07am?

When I’m in a bad mood
I seethe and rage at a higher power

When I’m in a good mood
I skip the CD back to a big ballad and I belt it out
occasionally causing alarm to adjacent drivers

But no matter what my mood
or what time I get home
my little white socked cat is watching me from an upstairs window
not just looking out of the window
but really watching me
and I can’t help but think
that she knows much more
than she lets on


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