New menu at Bundobust

Bundobust is one of those outfits that only seems to have been on the scene for two minutes, but at the same time, I can’t imagine Leeds without it.

Ant and I headed down to Bundobust last night to try out the five new dishes they’ve recently popped on the menu, and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

My favourite was the egg bhurji, one of the more expensive dishes priced at £6. It’s an Indian style scrambled egg, cooked with cumin, coriander, peppers and chilli, but it’s only mildly spicy. It comes with a soft naan-like flatbread and is the best winter comfort food. It paired exceptionally well with my gin and tonic, which was garnished with grapefruit. I’m not sure what tonic was used but it was a very sweet, fruity, earthy version of a G&T that really complemented the food.

I also loved the far far, a bowl of colourful fried rice puffs tossed in Bundobust’s own spice blend. They reminded me of Walkers French Fries, texturally, but with an amazing sweet-tangy-spicy flavour. At £2.50, I would definitely order these as a bar snack if I was just heading in for drinks.

Ant preferred the onion gobi bhaji bhaji (£4). It’s not actually one of the new dishes, but we couldn’t resist ordering it. These are the bhajis you hope for when you order a takeaway: light, golden and fluffy, a million miles away from the greasy overcooked mess that normally arrives. They come with a tangy tamarind and red pepper chutney that adds flavour and cuts right through the bhaji’s richness.

Had you told me a few months ago that I’d soon consider a vegetarian Indian restaurant one of the best post-work spots in Leeds, I’d have laughed. Thank you, Bundobust, for changing my mind!

Some of our meal and our drinks were complimentary, but this is my honest opinion as always.










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2 responses to “New menu at Bundobust

  1. I hadn’t been in Bundobust for a little while, but was really impressed with their £10 lunch special when I went last week. My office is pretty much equidistant from Humpit and Bundobust (and even closer to Trinity Kitchen) – which is making my attempts at bringing packed lunches very difficult!

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