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Silliest paint names

We’ve been decorating our bathroom (slowly but surely) over the last couple of week, and by far my favourite part of the process has been laughing at some of the pretentious, undescriptive paint names that I’ve come across when deciding what colours to go with. (Farrow and Ball are, unsurprisingly, by far the most hilarious culprits.)Here are some of my favourites!



Colours One Coat Lauren Matt Emulsion Paint 2.5L: Image 1

Almost Oyster

Almost?? I want Oyster or nothing

Dulux Neutrals Almost Oyster Matt Emulsion Paint 50ml Tester Pot: Image 1


I might start using this word to mean lunch + cocktails.

Clunch - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball

Cat’s Paw

Nothing about my cat is this colour. Oh, wait…there is one thing.

Cat's Paw - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball

Mole’s Breath

Is this mole seriously ill?

Mole's Breath - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball

Dead Salmon

Yeah, like salmon…but if it was DEAD.

Dead Salmon - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball

Nancy’s Blushes

Steady on, Nancy.

Nancy's Blushes - Paint Colours - Farrow & Ball


Crown have nailed it – this is by far the politest colour.

Banana Dream 2

Do bananas dream of yellow sheep?

And I saved my favourite until last:

Silver Fox

Named after Richard Gere? George Clooney? Pierce Brosnan? No, I think that’s the exact shade of Philip Schofield’s hair.



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