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Crafting with Carpetright

I would love to craft more, but the practical side of me hates the idea of crafting things for the sake of it. The perfectionist in me wants my crafts to look perfect, and the minimalist wants less stuff cluttering up the house. This usually results in crippling indecision, where I bookmark 19 craft projects a day and fill my online hobbycraft basket to the brim, but don’t actually make anything.

When Carpetright got in touch to invite me to a blogger crafting event at Chirpy, one of my favourite spots in Leeds, I thought it would be a good opportunity for a crafting kickstart to force me into action. Also cake was mentioned.

Artist Miriam Laville was leading the session, and she greeted us with some examples of items that could be crafted with leftover carpet offcuts – doormats, mirrors, planter pots and so on. Fully aware that my craft enthusiasm massively outweighs my craft ability, and hoping that I would manage to cobble together something I would actually want to display in my house, I decided to go low key.

I spotted a wide round tin and I thought it would be perfect as a little trinket display tray. I lined both sides with carpet so that both the surface and the contents would be protected from damage, then….that was it. I could have embellished with some bling or added more colour (and actually a lot of people seemed to think I should do so!) but I’m glad I resisted I finished pretty early but that just left me extra time to sample the goodies from Sunshine Bakery and check what everyone else was making!

I couldn’t believe my luck when we were all given gift bags containing extra goodies! The highlight was definitely a £10 Chirpy voucher, which I couldn’t wait to spend. On the way out I had a good poke around and left with a gorgeous Fawn & Rose necklace and a pretty glass candle holder – both pictured below!

In my old flat, I damaged a couple of window ledges by putting plant pots and vases on them that ruined the paintwork. I never would have thought of experimenting with carpet as a practical way to stop this from happening as well as a way to add an unusual texture or a flash of colour. Thanks Carpetright!

IMG_2408 (1) IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2411 IMG_2415  IMG_2417   IMG_2420  IMG_2426                IMG_2432


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The Burger Club at Sunshine Bakery

Grim out there, innit?

This is not the kind of weather that inspires me to do very much. It’s the kind of weather for comfort food, movies and blankets, and today I’ve indulged in each of those. Best by far was the comfort food, which was from the new-ish Burger Club at the Sunshine Bakery, Chapel Allerton.

The Sunshine Bakery definitely isn’t new to me: I’ve been recommending their incredible cupcakes and brownies to people for a couple of years now, and Ant would cheerfully clamber over his gran for their last sausage roll. The Sunday Burger Club has been on our list to try for a while, and since neither of us fancied cooking tonight, we popped out for a couple of burgers.

PicMonkey 4burgers

You can eat these in the bakery itself, take them away or order them at Further North, the quirky bar up the road, to enjoy with one of their world beers. We took them away; I’d recommend giving them a call to order in advance as they are made to order so take about fifteen minutes.

The burgers, though. SO WORTH THE WAIT. They’re huge, juicy, perfectly cooked and so, so tasty. If you plump for the veggie option it’s made by the award winning Manjit’s Kitchen, and either way you’ll get the incredibly soft, light sesame seed roll made at the bakery. You can add mushrooms, bacon and two types of cheese, plus there’s generally a topping ’special’ each week. Today it was artichoke and truffle, which was delicious.

PicMonkey 2 burgers

I’m not sure I would ever opt to eat these in public though. They’re slathered in sauce, so they’re sloppy and messy in the most beautiful way. At our dining table we pretty much just let go and went for it, getting mustard, ketchup and mayo on more or less everything. No regrets.

Get yourself out to Chapel A for burger club – you’ll be glad you did it!

Sundays, 12 til 8 at the Sunshine Bakery, £4.50 per burger plus extra for toppings.

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Enjoying Leeds solo

I’ve been a bit of a home tourist in Leeds today, all on my lonesome, so I thought I’d share what I’d been up to. I can tend to get a bit lazy when I’m by myself and just stay in enjoying the me time, but I made myself get out and about to enjoy the gorgeous weather this morning – cold but bright!

First off I decided to go up to Roundhay Park for a run. Bangs and a Bun recommended trying a route around the lake, and it was the perfect day for it. I’m very new to running (as in, this was my third ever and I walked nearly all of it) so it really helps to have pretty scenery to distract me from the fact that I’m being lapped by pensioners.


Isn't it beautiful?


Next I headed to Temple Works, where they were having a book sale. The room was crammed with books, plus tons of gorgeous, raggedy old furniture where you can sit and leaf through your finds. I bagged 5 awesome books for £8, and I wish I could say they were Christmas presents for people, but they’re all mine! I’m a real bookworm so I’ll take advantage of pretty much any chance to pick up cheaper books. Plus, second hand helps the planet! The sale is on again tomorrow (Sunday) 1pm to 5pm so do get down there if you have chance – there’s tons to choose from! You’ll especially like it if you’re into psychology, poetry, cultural theory, feminist theory or theology – whilst there’s a wide range of stuff these topics are especially well represented.


A tiny proportion of the books available.


A wider view.


My haul.


I haven’t tucked in to my books yet – I’ve had an evening in with the girls watching X Factor. I live really close to the Sunshine Bakery, so I swung by beforehand to pick up some sweet treats. I did intend to take a photo of them but unfortunately we ate them before I remembered. They went down a treat!

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Cornucopia at the Corn Exchange

Cornucopia was born from the success of Good Food Friday, a local food and drink event held in April of this year. It brings together local producers in a veritable smorgasbord of foodie delights, all under the beautiful roof of the Corn Exchange.

We (@antcarter and I) popped along to the Big Breakfast, which was an opportunity for press, bloggers and buyers to sample a couple of the products, learn more about the products and have a chat with the producers before the event opened properly.

Delicious breakfast granola from Yorkshire Dales Granola

The array of different food on offer was impressive but for me the thing that made the event was chatting to the producers and realising just how much passion they had for their produce. Regardless of whether they do it full time, part time or in spare moments squeezed around a ‘real’ job, every single person there was completely, one hundred per cent invested in their produce.

Although his products were all a bit spicy for me, in terms of product knowledge, The Chilli Jam Man (@thechillijamman) was in another league. He has a range of chilli jams and even a chilli mayonnaise (known as jammonnaise), some of which are made using the hottest commercial chillies available. I’m absolutely incapable of coping with any spice at all (as evidenced by my burning tongue after trying the jammonaise) but if you don’t mind a little kick to your dressings, then you should definitely check this guy out. You can buy online at his website, and there are a few Leeds based permanent suppliers but if you want to try before you buy then his upcoming dates are here. He’s in Wakefield on Sunday 6th November and at Northern Ballet for the Caribbean Christmas Fair on 26th and 27th November. Use them as a marinade, in sandwiches, on the barbecue…the list is endless. Plus they make a perfect foodie gift for the chilli lovers in your life! And I’ve got one word for the Chilli Jam Man: BETTAKULTCHA.

Buffalo sausages, with Chilli Jam just visible at the back!

We also swung by the Pudsey Pickles stall, because after trying the strawberry and pink champagne jam at the breakfast, we were basically hooked! We picked up 3 jars for £6, which is a total bargain. The plan is to give them to the brother and sister-in-law for Christmas – but if they last two months without being ‘sampled’ I’ll be extremely surprised! If Cranberry with Caramelised Red Onion and Port Relish, Beetroot Chutney or Pineapple with Malibu Jam sound good to you, then these guys are just the ticket.

Wandering around, we didn’t leave a single sample untried – and there was nothing that we didn’t enjoy! There were some incredible chocolates from Lauden Chocolate: pricey but definitely worth it as a special treat. Fayre by Alley’s Nanaimo Bar is pretty much the sugariest thing I have *ever* eaten and is weird but moreish – catch her at Kirkstall Deli Market on Saturday. Piazza by Anthony had a huge table piled high with fresh bread which smelled absolutely incredible, and the Sunshine Bakery had a huge stall packed with their usual fare of delicious cupcakes and distressingly large sausage rolls. There was also a lot of buzz about monthly meat boxes from Swillington Farm, too.

Nanaimo Bars by Fayre by Alley

You can’t leave a place like this without picking up a little treat for the afternoon, though – which is where the Yummy Yank comes in. Now here is a woman who loves to bake! We probably tried a little sample of pretty much everything on that stall and it was all to die for. Coca-cola cake, double chocolate cakes two feet tall, triple layer red velvet cake, chocolate chip cookie bar, peanut butter brownies, carrot cake… the whole lot was incredible. In the end we took home a slice of the butterscotch brownie and a wedge of the apple cheesecake pie (an apple pie with a layer of cheesecake baked in the middle) and they were both amazing. Keep an eye out for this woman at farmer’s markets throughout Yorkshire, and seriously do not go home without a treat!

The Yummy Yank's chocolate chip cookie bars

All in all it was a fabulous gathering, and I hope the producers got as much out of it as we did. Congratulations to Rebecca and Nick for really pulling this off!

The next Cornucopia will be held over three days: the 21st, 22nd and 23rd December. This makes it perfect for picking up last minute Christmas gifts and fresh ingredients for seasonal meals and parties. Keep an eye on their website or their Twitter for updates about the producers who will be attending for these dates.

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