About Leeds&me

Hi there! My name’s Isobel, I’m 26, and I’ve lived my whole life within striking distance of Leeds. In 2011 I finally moved into the city proper, and I’ve been trying to get to know it better ever since.

On this site you’ll find my blog, where I talk about art, theatre, books, food and other passions of mine. There’s a strong Leeds focus – because I love it here! – but you’ll also find posts about other places I visit and things I like. (Spoiler alert: I like cats and gin.)

If you want to contact me, do drop me a line: isobel dot jokl at gmail dot com.

I’m always interested in writing about great books, interesting events or new performances, so let me know if you’ve got something special on.


One response to “About Leeds&me

  1. My husband and I have traveled to Harrogate a few times, him for work, me for pleasure. I ventured into Leeds on one of our trips and had a great time shopping and getting lost in the side streets until it was time to take the train back. I saw your post on Margaret Atwood. I like her too, but mainly I just wanted to tell you how lucky I think you are to live in such a magical part of the world. I love Yorkshire. Wish we could visit more often.

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